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Established in 1963, Clavering & Arkesden Preschool has been in its purpose-built building within the grounds of Clavering Primary School since 2010.


Over the years, we have improved our provision by designing and re-designing our classroom layout, enabling children to interact at the highest level. We created a Forest School, where our 'Busy Bees' can build a relationship with the natural world. Our loyal staff, nicknamed ‘Ladies in Blue,’ are dedicated and driven; fostering independence, emotional wellbeing and empathy. Our wonderful committee of volunteers comes together to plan and create fund raising opportunities as well as oversee the smooth running of preschool. All in all creating the recipe for an outstanding setting in a beautiful village location. 


At Clavering and Arkesden Preschool, we are advocates for learning outdoors. We believe it holds particular importance with regard to self-esteem, self-worth and self-actualisation. Children are free to develop as critical thinkers, continuously assessing their experiences and making minor adjustments relating to their own personal safety and enjoyment. The enabling environment both inside and out motivates and inspires them to be active in their learning by engaging with it, exploring and playing around all possibilities. They are in a place where you can't get it wrong - a place where they are encouraged to be inquisitive. Through co-creating experiences and teamwork, friendships and community and belonging can be found. We value each other and, in return, feel valued - opportunities for discovery and experimenting found at every turn.


Throughout their time at Clavering and Arkesden Preschool their journey will be recorded on our online system, Tapestry, where we encourage parents to have an active role in sharing life events and experiences. 

We at Preschool practise 'in the moment approach,' which allows the children to guide their own play and follow their own interests. 

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